• Lead Time
    4 - 6 Weeks
  • Designer
    Maxton Fox
  • Manufacturer
    Maxton Fox
  • Materials
    Laminate worktops, Steel legs
  • Dimensions
    H: 720 W: 1200 - 2400 D: 600 - 900

About the Mecco

The Mecco, by Maxton Fox, is the pinnacle of utility desks. The unique powder coated leg design and innovative power and data cable concealment sit beneath your choice of a laminate, compact laminate, or solid timber board worktops.

The Mecco comes with the option to go without the steel modesty panel, but not without its stylish trademark ergonomical functionality.

Product Features

  • Powder coated unique leg design.
  • Fixed height or technician height adjustable worktop options.
  • Available in 90° or 180° style worktop.
  • Laminate, compact laminate, solid timber board options.
  • Innovative concealed power and data cable.
  • With or without steel modesty option.