Maxton Fox takes pride in its product quality and longevity. As such, providing a warranty across our products to ensure our manufactured goods are free from structural defects in material and workmanship is paramount.

The warranty period commences from the manufactured completion date, as recorded on the manufacturers supply invoice. Our product warranty ranges from 5 to 10 years depending on the product type:

  • 10 years warranty for our workstations
  • 5 years warranty for our seating range (including lounge and armchairs)

The Maxton Fox warranty covers the structural integrity of the products. Fabric and foam warranty tenure is dependent on the manufacturers’ warranty for said materials, and the same applies for the sit to stand (technology) mechanism that integrates into our workstations.

The warranty is limited to indoor use and is made out to the ‘original purchaser and user’ that acquired the Maxton Fox product directly from Maxton Fox and not a third party.

This warranty is NOT applicable to:

  • End user customers that use the Maxton Fox product for rental purposes
  • Product damage due to what can be deemed as fair wear and tear
  • Product damage due to heavy weights, negligence, misuse and product abuse
  • Pieces that have been refurbished since the original manufactured state
  • If product damage occurred during transportation to or from Maxton Fox’s manufacturing facility
  • The cost of transportation

Where the warranty does apply, and the product needs to be fixed, Maxton Fox reserves the right to choose how to fix this product based on their expertise and product knowledge. The product must be delivered to Maxton Fox’s manufacturing facility in Western Sydney in order to inspect and determine how best to resolve the defect.

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