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Maxton Fox Furniture Systems (Maxton Fox), and other companies within the Maxton Fox group, are committed to compliance with privacy laws which apply to its business. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information, how personal information can be accessed, and complaints lodged in relation to how personal information has been handled.


This policy applies to all companies that are part of Maxton Fox.


Reference: Privacy Act 1988


Collection of Personal Information

Maxton Fox collects personal information reasonably necessary for our business functions and activities. The type of personal information we collect and hold includes:

  • Personal information such as names, contact details, employment history, education qualifications, government related identifiers (e.g. tax file numbers, drivers licence and passport information), age, gender, and other information people voluntarily provide to Maxton Fox
  • Sensitive information such as health information, which may be collected for the purpose of prospective employment
  • Personal information disclosed by customers and stakeholders when establishing an account with Maxton Fox or invoicing Maxton Fox for products and services, and information disclosed when otherwise communicating with our Accounts departments.


How Personal Information is Collected and Held

Personal information is usually collected directly from the relevant individual. Personal information can be collected as follows when:


  • Submitting an application or expression of interest for employment opportunities or work experience
  • Making an enquiry or communicating with Maxton Fox via our website, email, fax, phone, post, in person, or using other communication channels
  • Submitting a Purchase Order for goods
  • Subscribing to an alert, newsletter, or other service
  • Using Maxton Fox social media platforms
  • Registering to attend Maxton Fox events
  • Completing a form or survey, or enter a competition or promotion


Personal information may also be obtained from third parties such as recruitment agencies, medical services providers, publicly available resources, or through customers and suppliers where enquiries have been made by individuals about Maxton Fox products and/or services. In such circumstances we rely on the third party to obtain consent from the individual.


Purpose of Collecting, Holding, Using and Disclosing Personal Information


Personal information is collected in order to conduct business functions and activities, such as:

  • Providing products, services and information to customers and other stakeholders
  • Verification of identity for financial transactions
  • Current and future employment opportunities
  • Other reasons as advised to the particular person, or authorised by a particular person when providing the information.


Personal information may be disclosed in the following circumstances:

  • To associated relevant companies
  • To third parties for relevant business functions and activities. For example, medical services providers, outsourcing services, couriers/transport companies, financial institutions for the purpose of processing payments, and business support services
  • As required by law


Accessing and Correcting Personal Information

Personal information can be accessed, amended, or a request made to remove the information by contacting us at marketing@maxtonfox.com.au  or by phoning us to discuss your concern at 9621 6611.


Maxton Fox will respond to your request within 30 days of receiving the initial request.


Before we provide access to personal information, we may require some proof of identity. We may charge a reasonable fee for giving access to your personal information if your request requires substantial effort on our part.



Complaints in relation to how personal information has been handled, or potential or alleged breaches of the Principles or Privacy Act can be made by contacting ‘Management’ by email at marketing@maxtonfox.com.au, or by post: ATTN: Marketing at 378 Vardys Road 2148


The Privacy Officer will investigate the matter and attempt the resolve the issue, and will inform the complainant in writing about the outcome of the investigation. If the complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant, the Privacy Officer will provide contact details of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner where the complaint may be escalated.


This document was last modified July 2020.

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