Maxton Fox for Macquarie Group’s 50 Martin Place

Thursday, 24th August, 2017

Macquarie Group purchased the iconic 50 Martin Place in 2011 and tasked JPW Architects with restoring the building’s former well-lit and spacious appeal. JPW Architects recognised the possibilities of stripping back the interim additions to the 1928 landmark and instilling a communal feel which presented the bank as no longer “fortress-like”, but “transparent.” The Maxton Fox team, led by Managing Director Dennis Hall, was engaged by JPW to provide bespoke fit outs for kitchens, break-out room bench seating, and toilet partitions.

Bespoke Kitchens

Maxton Fox contributed to creating a communal feel by designing and manufacturing highly customised furniture and bench-tops. Maxton Fox worked with Corian to create unique kitchen bench-tops, shapes, and fixed bespoke kitchenettes on nine floors of the project. Maxton Fox was able to meet the highly customised furniture requirements through its in-house manufacturing capabilities, at times researching and developing new items that didn’t yet exist in the market.

Bespoke Bench Seating in Breakout areas

Staff break-out areas are an important part of creating a community for Macquarie Group’s employees. Maxton Fox’s in-house manufacturing capability and expert design team created detailed bench seating for 50 Martin Place’s breakout areas.

Toilet Partitions

To create clean, private spaces in Macquarie Group’s bathrooms, Maxton Fox’s design and manufacturing teams created custom floor to ceiling toilet partitions. The partitions were manufactured locally at Maxton Fox’s warehouse, ensuring quick progression from prototyping to supply for installation.

In December 2015, Maxton Fox finished its part of the revivification of Macquarie Group’s historic 50 Martin Place headquarters. Its ability to design and manufacture highly customised furniture helped Maxton Fox contribute to creating the sense of community and transparency the overarching project strove for.

Macquarie Group and JPW Architects partnered with Maxton Fox due to Maxton Fox’s ability to provide:

  • Design team services capable of quickly fabricating and manufacturing custom solutions;
  • Bespoke furniture prototyping, design, and development; and
  • On-shore manufacturing and tailoring of imported products.

Maxton Fox provides an engaged and expert collaborative workforce to work with design and client teams across corporate workplace fit-outs of any size.

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