Energy Efficient Manufacturing

Tuesday, 12th March, 2019

Our Western Sydney manufacturing facility has been around for a long time; over 50 years in fact.

We have grown and increased our capabilities over the years, and this means we have purchased, installed and now run over 30 large-scale industrial machines on a daily basis for more than 8 hours a day; some of these even run automatically overnight.

So, you can imagine the scale of our energy consumption. Something needed to be done.

Our location in Western Sydney means that our factory not only gets very hot, it gets direct sunlight (from sunrise to sunset), every single day of the year.

With the Solar Panel Technology that is available today, and the opportunities to transform energy sources from a company that uses energy off the ‘Grid’ to being a company that gives energy back to the ‘Grid’, really was a no brainer for our Management Team at Maxton Fox.

We have just completed installing 1,000 panels across our entire factory roof with the help of Kuga Electrical. It took some planning initially, but the set-up, cable laying and installation process took 3 months.

Now we can proudly say that Maxton Fox manufacturing is completely powered by the sun.

If you’re interested in discussing how we went about this, or interested in other sustainable processes we adopt at our factory; then do get in touch with us today

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