A collaborative workspace with leader workstations

Monday, 15th January, 2018

With a goal of breaking down a culture of Government silos and creating an egalitarian workspace filled with communal innovation, the iCare building in the Sydney CBD required an agile and user-friendly workstation solution. DWP Suters engaged Maxton Fox for its customisable Leader Workstations as the perfect solution for bringing together four diverse government business units into a single cohesive working team.

Leader Workstations

The benefits of sit-to-stand workstations are well documented, and Maxton Fox’s Australian designed and manufactured Leader Workstations in a 120º frame option were considered the best fit for purpose for the iCare fit-out. Maxton Fox powder-coated the workstations in-house from its powder-coating line prior to installation.

Customised shelving

To ensure each workstation meet the needs of an innovative and collaborative workspace, while also providing an ergonomic environment for each worker, Maxton Fox used its in-house fabrication capabilities to design and manufacture customised metal shelving unique to this project.

In November 2016, Maxton Fox finished its part in the icare build project. Its ability to design and manufacture highly customised furniture in Australia helped Maxton Fox contribute to breaking down the silos between four merging business units by creating spaces that drive teamwork and innovation.

DWP Suters partnered with Maxton Fox due to Maxton Fox’s ability to provide:

  • Design team services capable of quickly fabricating and manufacturing custom solutions for this project; and
  • In-house powder coating.

Maxton Fox provides an engaged and expert collaborative workforce to work with teams across any commercial workplace fit-out of all sizes large and small.

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