• Lead Time
    4 - 6 Weeks
  • Designer
    Maxton Fox
  • Manufacturer
    Maxton Fox
  • Product Code

About the Kontakt

Kontakt is a versatile desk featuring unique leg design and versatile module frame.

Among its outstanding features is a pinnable screen with fabric upholstery, innovative concealed under-desk power and data, and continuous under structure support.

The Kontakt desk adapts to accommodate the System 25 screen system, and is available with multiple board options including laminate, compact laminate, and solid timber.

Designed for efficient assembly/disassembly, with optional return worktop.

Product Features

  • Unique leg design
  • Adapts to accommodate system 25 screen system
  • Pinnable screen with fabric upholstery
  • Versatile modular frame design
  • Lamiate, compact laminate, solid timber board options
  • Innovative concealed under desk power and data
  • Contunious under stucture support
  • Very efficient assembly/disassembly
  • Return worktop optional