Eko System 25

  • Lead Time
    4 - 6 Weeks
  • Designer
    Maxton Fox
  • Manufacturer
    Maxton Fox
  • Product Code

About the Eko System 25

Designed and manufactured by Maxton Fox, the Eko System 25 is an ultra convenient workstation option, with its modular design allowing for long workstation runs.

Utilising a System 25 screen, it has high capacity power and data capabilities all readily accessible. Its feetless legs allow for large, uninterrupted under-desk space, while also providing heightened privacy thanks to high screens.

The Eko System 25 is available in fixed height, and is technician height adjustable, manual height adjustable or electric height adjustable. Also comes with laminate, compact laminate and solid timber board options.

Product Features

  • Available in Fixed Height, technician height adjustable, manual
  • Height adjustable, electric height adjustable
  • High capacity power and data capabilities readily accessible
  • Utilises system 25 screen
  • Modular Design allowing long workstation runs
  • Laminate, Compact Laminate, Solid timber Board options.
  • High screen privacy capabilities
  • Feetless legs create large uninterrupted under desk area