Cube +

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About the Cube +

There has always been a need for private space and privacy in public spaces, the same goes for the office environment. There’s a need for a comfortable retreat and private space in the mid of the busy office environment. With that in mind, the Cube +, is designed and brought into reality. The Cube + is furniture designed to shelter and create a room for privacy in public spaces. Defining and segregating space while providing a comfortable and personal lounging space for your personal work or private meetings. Cube + combines the ergonomic and comfort of the traditional lounge with upholstered high back and side panels into a comfortable sheltered lounge. In addition to the privacy the panels provide, the padded panels also act as a screen and filter off noises from inside and outside of the lounge, creating a temporary and secluded private work or discussion spot. The Cube + allows you to balance your work environment with the much-needed privacy and seclusion.