System 25 Screen

About System 25 Screen

The Maxton System 25mm Screen is an ultra-convenient option, with its modular design allowing for long workstation runs.

This system has high capacity power and data capabilities, and also provides for heightened privacy thanks to high screens.

This screen system is modular and flexible in that it can adapt to suit all workstations.


Product Features

  • High capacity power and data capabilities readily accessible
  • Modular Design allowing long workstation runs
  • Finish options: laminate, compact laminate, solid timber board
  • High screen privacy capabilities
  • Available in 90° or 120° or 180° angled worktop or combination of these
  • Screen height available from 900-1800 mm and 600-2400 mm width
  • Possibility to combine with system 75 screen
  • Versatile System of Screens that can be used across our Maxton Fox Pilot, Leader, Kontakt or Mecco workstations
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