Kontakt Workstation System

About Kontakt Workstation System

Designed and Manufactured in Australia by Maxton Fox. The Kontakt System is the result of our ongoing design and research to meet the needs of the growing marketplace.

The simple aesthetic and clean lines set this system apart from the rest. Kontakt is a perfect solution for anyone looking to create a dynamic office environment.

The innovative frame allows clusters of workstations to be linked together forming endless design configurations for your office space.

Kontakt offers power below desk or in a vertical power rail located in the centre of the system. The Kontakt leg and frame system combines function and strength, creating a clean and elegant work environment with low height System 25 screens.

Kontakt here is shown:

  • Single back to back version
  • 120 degree 3-way system
  • 90 degree two-way system

Product Features

  • Unique leg design
  • Adapts to accommodate system 25 screen system
  • Pinnable Screen with fabric upholstery
  • Versatile Modular frame design
  • Laminate, Compact Laminate, Solid timber Board options.
  • Innovative Concealed under desk power and data
  • Continuous under structure support
  • Very efficient assembly/ disassembly
  • Return worktop options
  • Suited to open plan collaborative working environments
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