Cube+ Booth

About Cube+ Booth

  • Lead Time
    Dependent on specification and quantity
  • Designer
    Maxton Fox
  • Manufacturer
    Maxton Fox

Cube+ Booth is the perfect solution for seeking a privacy and quiet, small working space, within a public office environment. Cube+ allows this to be a reality on commercial office work floors.

The design of the Cube+ defines and gives a sense of segregation within the workspace, whilst providing a comfortable and structured working space for two people to sit at.

Cube+ enclosure is almost enclosed, making for it an extremely quiet space to showcase content on the TV screen, host conference calls or sit in this space for quiet solitary work.

The central table within Cube+ is fixed, with enough space for two laptops and a conference phone.

Moderations are available in terms of material colours.

Product Features

  • Enclosed working area for privacy
  • Noise reducing upholstery
  • Central table for working
  • Wide variety of material options
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